Sometimes, the goals you’re trying to achieve need the services of people who design solutions for a living. People trained to solve problems. But where exactly do these people hang out? How do you find them?

Simon Detienne

Product Designer at Koalect, I enjoy diving into client projects to create the best experience for their users.


Maarten De Proost — Belgium based UX/UI designer working for Intracto, focusing on digital design solutions and experiences.


UX designer consultant, je collabore à des projets et propose des réponses simple, pertinente et attractive.


I am an all-round UX designer, with end-to-end experience in a variety of industries.


An innovation studio that works to uncover user-centered opportunities,[re]think & design meaningful services,ingnite an innovation culture!

Studio Wasabi

Studio Wasabi is a freelance network for creatives. We start every project with the Service Design Thinking Proces.


We develop experience strategies for your brand by designing digital products and services that support human capabilities.

Larry Gerard

Senior User Experience Designer, focusing on building Products & Experiences. Lead UX Designer @Dogstudio and judge @FWA.

Mr. Hannes

Freelance UX Architect. Client workshops, user research and IA. Makes things visual and is involved until after the launch.

Mad Robot

Mad Robot is Tom Van Iersel , freelance UX designer from Antwerp. Rooted in psychology and specialised in clear and structured design.

Pierre Stoffe

As a freelance Designer, I help businesses build unique and efficient digital products with a strong focus on the UX.

Simon Wuyts

Multimedia Designer based in Ghent, expert in frontend design and online branding. Beautiful and useful should go hand in hand.


Independent freelancer helping companies with product design & UX to balance better between user goals and business goals.

iStoire Services

Independent senior information architect, interaction design for websites/apps, user research, training and advice on usability.


Multidisciplinary product designer who focuses on digital presence of brands through websites and apps.

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